New ATC for excise tax released by BIR

I’ve been really busy researching for some tax projects, with preparing for training to be conducted and with sharing my awesome doTERRA experience with other people. Please forgive me for slacking a bit. I have several drafts on my plate but I am not yet ready to publish them. There’s not much from BIR issuances  that are related to what I do as well. Even so, I’d still want to connect and help others be updated so here are items highlighted in Navarro Amper & Co. DTTL Tax News July 2018.

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BIR Form 1601EQ reflects new withholding tax rates

So we have just filed our first BIR Form No. 1601EQ. It would be hard to miss that the new expanded withholding tax rates for individuals are already reflected in the new form pursuant to Revenue Regulations No 11-2018 (RR 11-2018) and Revenue Regulations 14-2018 (RR 14-2018). Here’s a comparison between the new tax rates and the old ones.

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RR 11-2018 amends withholding tax regulations pursuant to TRAIN

Revenue Regulations No. 11-2018 amended several tax regulations on withholding tax to implement further the provisions in Republic Act No. 10963 (TRAIN). Here are items highlighted in Navarro Amper & Co. DTTL Tax News April 2018. Continue reading