[Beyond Taxes] Bolinao 3D 2N Itinerary with side trip to Alaminos on rainy days

What to do after facing the busy tax season? Face another thrill like the waves of the sea or a seafood-full platter. 🙂

It’s my parents 25th wedding anniversary and they decided to celebrate it with us on a Bolinao 3D 2N trip with side trip to Alaminos.

Here’s a map of Bolinao, Pangasinan I got from the internet. I enhanced it a bit to include places we wanted to go to like the Sungayan Grill and the churches we would attend on the Sunday, since we went there on a long weekend.

I have prepared below itinerary based on my web search. This should go well when you go there on sunny days and not during monsoon rains (Habagat) enhanced by typhoon (which we did, haha).

If in case you go there on the same circumstance we did, here’s an overview of how we did it and had so much fun.

How to go to Bolinao

I and my brothers took the bus from Cubao. We preferred to take Five Star Bus because they have scheduled trips to Bolinao all throughout the day and does not require advanced booking. Fare is P495. Trip is 6 hours. Bus Terminal at Bolinao is just 3- to 5- minute walk to St. James Great Parish.

Where to Stay in Bolinao

We stayed at Villa Soledad Beach and Resort. It’s along Patar Road just almost after Sungayan Grill if you’re coming from Poblacion. We booked for Deluxe Family Room of their St. John Building, for 6 persons at P6,500 per night. The room we got is just typical yet worth the price, I think. They have excellent customer service, from booking to check out.

Their facilities were quite good and as real as how you see them on pictures on their site. Just like every hotel along Patar Road though, the beach is just good for walking and not for swimming. I think the government really reserved the best part of the Patar White Beach for public use which is at the end of Patar Road.

Where to Eat in Bolinao

Adora’s Restaurant

We ate breakfast at Adora’s Restaurant on our first day. They serve fairly priced Filipino home-cooked meals. Tapa is one of their best-sellers. And you won’t get disappointed.


Sungayan Grill

Sungayan Grill is a floating restaurant along Balingasay River, one of the cleanest river in the country. We ordered grilled food worth P2,000 which they said is for 12 persons. We were only 6 and I expected to take home some yet I underestimated my brothers.


You have to add P1,000 for the whole kubo to cruise. It was raining while we cruise but that did not stop us from enjoying the food and appreciating the view.


Where to Go in Bolinao

St. James Great Parish

The gates to the Church were all flooded that time (or so we thought), we had to change to our slippers to get inside the vicinity. We then found out that the gate near the Sports Complex is not swamped so I suggest enter that way.


I like that transparent umbrella that allowed us to take picture outdoor while raining.


We tried out binungey, salted sticky rice cake cooked inside a bamboo. We’re instant fans of it.

Bolinao Falls 1 & 2

You could totally skip this if you’re going there on the rainy days as you won’t see the nice greenish water you find over the internet. But if you’re bringing a car large enough for road challenge, this is the way to go, taking Saturnino Camangian.




Patar Rock Formation

The view here is just awesome and if you like strong water current, you’ll totally love this. Just make sure to wear water shoes as the rocks would really hurt your feet.

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

I like lighthouses and the role they play. This one was constructed by Filipino, American and British architects in 1905.


Patar White beach

Finally, the Patar White Beach Resort. As I’ve said, you have to reach almost the end of Patar to see the best part. This is a public resort and no entrance fee is required. It’s a shame I don’t have pictures to show because my battery got drained (I was not prepared for picture taking and obviously because it’s not my talent). Yet, I tell you, how you see them on pictures online is how they really look like. It’s totally worth going to despite the rain.

Alaminos Side-trip

Rains got stronger when we’re on our way to Alaminos so we skipped the visit to Hundred Islands. My parents went shopping at the public market instead. Someone from Villa Soledad told us that danggit and longganisa frm Alaminos are really tasty. And they are indeed.

So that’s it! I just realized we don’t have to limit what we can do during the rainy season. 🙂

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