Awesome alternative to BIR RELIEF v2.3

Long list of sales and purchases and still have to manually enter each to the BIR RELIEF v2.3? Why bother using the module if you can easily convert your Excel file template to a RELIEF Data file?

RELIEF stands for Reconciliation of Listings for Enforcement System. The RELIEF module is provided by BIR to facilitate their requirement for Summary List of Sales (SLS) and Summary List of Purchases (SLP) which are required attachments to BIR Form No. 2550Q, Quarterly Value-Added Tax Return.

VAT SLS and SLP should include various data relevant to VAT such as BIR-registered name of the buyers and sellers, T.I.N., nature, VAT amount to name a few. You would need to enter these details manually to the BIR RELIEF and then you can generate from the module a report in DAT file format which will then have to be validated and submitted to BIR. This would take quite some time if you have long lists.

The BIR Excel Uploader is an interesting alternative to the BIR RELIEF. It is an offline web application that converts excel file template to BIR DAT file format generated by BIR RELIEF. This means that you just have to:


1. Download the Excel Template

Click here to download the Excel Template then populate the file with your data.

2. Generate DAT File

Proceed to converter page. Fill out all the necessary fields, then select the completed excel file template.

3. Validate

Always validate the generated file using BIR Validation System, just to be sure 🙂


Aside from BIR RELIEF, the BIR Excel Uploader provides a good alternative to BIR Alphalist Data Entry Application as well. It has printing of multiple BIR Form No. 2307 too.

Frequently Asked Questions

from BIR Excel Uploader

  1. What is BIR Excel Uploader?

    BIR Excel Uploader is an “offline” web application that will convert excel file template to BIR DAT File format generated by BIR Relief or BIR Alphalist Data Entry Application. In addition, printing of multiple BIR Form 2307 from excel file format is supported as well.

    The term “offline” means you don’t need internet connection for the converter to work. After the converter page had been loaded, you can literally remove your network cable and it will still work.

  2. Do you save our data in your server?

    No, we do not. All your data are being save in your browser’s cache file. This also means that, if you switch browser, you will have to start it over again. The same with, if you clear your cache, everything will be gone. Backup your data before performing clear cache or if you want to switch desktop or browser.

  3. Do we still need BIR RELIEF Application or ALPHALIST DATA ENTRY Application?

    Yes. These applications also install Validation Module. All generated DAT Files from should be validated first before sending to EFPS users are required to use Validation Module because the module will generate a key and append it to the validated DAT File.

  4. Do you have Job Aid or User’s Guide?

    Job aid is incorporated in the page itself, =this.Page.Guide. The converter is intuitive, the user will be prompt for what is needed or what is missing. It is a must that the users have prior experience using the RELIEF or Alphalist Data Entry Application. It has also extensive error prompts to help the users know what went wrong.

    Please see below tutorials to get you started.
     How To Register
     Excel File to BIR Relief DAT File
     Generate Form 2307 | 2306

  5. Is BIR Excel Uploader certified by the BIR itself?

    There is no requirement to be certified. BIR published the technical specifications of the output DAT File, our system strictly follows that specification. The only requirement of the BIR is, all DAT Files should pass their Validation Module.

  6. Do you guarantee that the output DAT Files are fully compliant?

    The users are required to use Validation Module to ensure 100% compliance. Though the system went through rigorous testings and we are confident that it is compliant, still, we do not provide guarantee.

Preparing the VAT SLS and SLP was one of my first tasks as then part tax accountant (because I had other responsibilities aside from tax). In fairness, the BIR RELIEF was very straightforward and easy to use. However, we have been using Computerized Accounting System and every details needed in the lists can easily be generated from it in an Excel format. Even so, the Excel format can only do so much since I still had to manually input the details in the BIR RELIEF. But with BIR Excel Uploader, I just had to copy and paste everything and be able to generate the DAT file right away. The application had become a part of our process documentation and even now that I no longer do the VAT SLS and SLP, the current preparer still makes use of the application.


The BIR Excel Uploader is free to use up to certain number of line items, I think 20. If your VAT SLS and SLP would contain more than that, you will have to create an account and pay the minimal registration fee. We used it for free for 2 years but when there was expansion, we had to register and pay the P500 annual registration fee.


References: Photos and Frequently Asked Questions are from BIR Excel Uploader.

1 thought on “Awesome alternative to BIR RELIEF v2.3

  1. I just found your blog, thank you for suggesting bir excel uploader, it makes our lives easier. I wish I found this years back, ahahahahaha.. Thank you, thank you!!


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