How to file 1601EQ through eFPS?

So there’s new BIR Form 1601EQ as BIR previously announced in a tax advisory. Make sure to do things right the first time. Here’s a detailed guide.

  1. Log in to
  2. On the field “Form,” select from the dropdown list “1601EQ – Quarterly Remittance Return of Creditable Income Taxes Withheld (Expanded)Capture1b
  3. Select on-lineCapture1c
  4. Select applicable quarterCapture1d
  5. Fill up the Part I – Background Information of the form:Capture1e
  6. To complete Part II – Computation of Tax, Click ATCCapture1f
  7. Select applicable ATC and click OKCapture1g
  8. Input the consolidated Tax Base for the quarter and the system will automatically compute for the Tax WithheldCapture1h
  9. Input the Remittances Made for 1st and 2nd Quarter at Lines 20 and 21.
  10. Input Over-remittance from Previous Quarter of the same taxable year at Line 23, if any.
  11. Click ValidateCapture1iCapture1j
  12. Click Submit to generate filing reference numberCapture1k
  13. Print this page as support for filing. Click Proceed to Payment if you wish to pay. The system will redirect you to your bank to complete the payment.Capture1l.png
  14. Submit the Quarterly Alphalist (QAP) as attachment to 1601EQ through

21 thoughts on “How to file 1601EQ through eFPS?

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  3. Hi , Im filing for the 2nd qrtr of 2018.. I cant go for the bxt step when im clicking for the year and qrtr im trying to file .. the system response “INVALID RETURN PERIOD.NO DUE DATE FOUND” Can you help me with this? thank you!


  4. Good day, I was about to file our Expanded Withholding (1601-E) yesterday, august 15, 2018 but the system won’t let me. It only showed me the years 2000-2017.


  5. Good day, our company year end is june 30, thus we have to file 1601 EQ for 1stQ – fiscal year 2019, is this possible?


  6. Hi Kimber!

    How to i send the QAP as an ATTACHMENT through email? Do i just send it as is or do I have to include a downloaded version of the 1601EQ that I filed?


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  7. Hi, I am trying to fill in 1601 EQ. Our rental paid was 10,000.00 pesos a month. I think our ATC code is WC 100? We always pay 500 pesos a month on the previous 0605. Our tax base on the initial registration form was 240,000.00 pesos. On the form 1601EQ section 13, it is asking for TAX BASE (consolidated for the quarter, how do we determine that please? Thank You!


  8. Hi.
    My problem is how to amend the BIR FORM 1601 EQ 2nd quarter. I filed it on time, printed the form, acknowledgment form, payment confirmation but i cant find it when i look for it in efps. Then i reviewed my documents and found out that my tax period is incorrect. I input July 31, 2018 instead of June 30, 2018. What should I do?
    Thank you in advance.


  9. good day. do I need to file 1601eq…photographer services such as rush id printing and the like….what is my WC code. I haven’t seen that fits on my business. please help


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