First blog post

I am Kimber Bagahansol. I currently work in a private organization as a Senior Accountant for Tax and Statutory Compliance. I honestly did not think Tax is the field I would want to be into at first. But it had always chased me down through out my career.

Slowly I started to find myself in appreciation of the things I learn from big accounting and audit firms, law firms, BIR, SEC and other organizations I get to work with as part of what I do. I finally got convinced this is my thing – so I decided to face it!

My work allows me to personally track down answers to resolve tax concerns. Research and actual experiences are giving me a lot so I decided to write the things I discovered as I face PH taxes – and hopefully help someone in distress. 🙂 Of course, mine are for general information purposes only and definitely not the position of my employer. We each have different needs and objectives so it’s still better to seek professional advice.

A little more background about me, I took my bachelor’s degree in Accountancy in University of Sto. Tomas and passed the CPA board exam in 2011. I worked in IBM Business Services as International Assignee – Tax Specialist before I moved to my current work. Aside from experiences I gain and research that I do as part of my current role, I take several tax and accounting training from various reliable CPD providers to keep myself up to date.

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